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Citrus Heights
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Citrus Heights, CA 95610
There are over 12,000 orthodontists in the United States and over 1,300 in California.

That means 12,000 different practices. Each with their own strategy. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Many that don't deal well with children. Many offering 'too-good-to-be-true' pricing that only result in problems that cost more to fix later.

With so many practices to consider, the odds are stacked up against you...

So here's a really important number... 4000. Dr. DeLurgio has treated more than 4000 happy patients!

Voted one of Sacramento's Top Orthodontists by Sacramento Magazine from 2011-2018.

DeLurgio and Blom Orthodontics is 5-star rated on Google for the excellent care, bedside manner and efficient treatment by Dr. DeLurgio and her team. For these reasons, in addition to pricing and number of treatment options,DeLurgio and Blom Orthodontics has been voted one of Sacramento's top orthodontists.

Dr. DeLurgio became an orthodontist because she was fascinated how orthodontics can change a person's appearance so drastically but not be invasive. She was drawn to the confidence building that goes along with the physical changes and can therefore transform a person inside and out!

...and the best part is - her office is right here in your neighborhood!
We know fancy awards aren't enough... your smile experts must be friendly, trustworthy, and make your overall experience as smooth and painless as possible.

What DeLurgio and Blom Does That Most Practices Skip Over:

  • After School/After Work Appointment Available - Whether you're a mother of five or grind through 80-hour work weeks, we'll stay open and get there early to find an appointment that works for you.
  • Your Own Patient Concierge - Our Certified Treatment Coordinators are on hand to welcome you and/or your family and will answer any questions you have about the process, and acts as your personal concierge before, during, and after your exam.
  • Consultation to Braces in Record Time - No waiting weeks or months between your consultation and getting started with braces if you are a candidate for treatment now. At DeLurgio and Blom, you have the option of starting braces the same day as your consultation!
  • Payment Plans That Work For You - We have options as low as $150/month. We offer in-house financing at 0% interest and no credit check required!
AND THE RESULTS ARE REAL! But Don't Take It From Us... Read What Our Patients Are Saying About Their Experience
Both of my girls got their braces from Dr. Delurgio and we could not be happier. This office has been consistently reliable, always keeping appointments and running on time. Dr. DeLurgio does a really great job of explaining exactly what she is doing as far as your treatment goes. I wish I could give them more stars. Worth every penny!

J. Page, Folsom
I am a local dental hygienist and I only wanted the best for my daughter. Dr DeLurgio and Dr Blom are the BEST. The care that they took was incredible and her teeth are perfect. I would highly recommend them to fact I do to all of my patients in need of ortho care. Thank you Dr DeLurgio and Dr Blom!!

Keri O., Citrus Heights
I wasn’t very excited when I found out I had to get braces for what was estimated to be two years. Thankfully Dr. Delurgio introduced me to the Acceledent device which saved me an entire year. My braces are off earlier than I expected and my teeth and bite are perfect. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Catie M., Fair Oaks
I had some serious issues in my mouth. Dr. DeLurgio took her time and expertise to find a way to fix my problems without jaw surgery (unlike the other 2 orthodontists I was referred to). She also conferred closely with my dentist about my treatment so that all their efforts were coordinated. The staff were all very wonderful and I actually enjoyed all of my visits and I am thrilled with the results. I very highly recommend Dr. DeLurgio.

Elvira B., Orangevale

Actual Patient of DeLurgio and Blom Orthodontics

It’s Healthy Living

Did you that having straighter teeth will make them easier to clean, improving overall dental health?

Dental health and physical health are closely related- everything is a chain reaction; bad oral hygiene can increase the risks of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Having a better bite causes less problems with your teeth over time. A perfect smile actually sets the tone for the rest of your body.

Immediate & Lasting Boost in Confidence

How painful is it to find out, as a parent, that your child is getting bullied or made fun of for his or her looks?

With the prominence of social media, a person’s facial features (and any detected defects) become scrutinized and magnified that much more.

With suicide increasing by 24% in the last decade, self-confidence is much more valuable than we often realize.

Even if a child isn’t made fun of for bad teeth development, as an adult presenting college assignments, interviewing for jobs and working in public environments every day, how you look (and how you feel that you look) means everything.

A new smile could mean finally looking in the mirror and loving what you see - realizing that no professional or social opportunity will ever be lost because of looks or other people’s perceptions. That’s powerful indeed.
Actual Patient of DeLurgio and Blom Orthodontics
Actual Patient of DeLurgio and Blom Orthodontics

You Deserve Happiness

This isn’t your fault.

In many cases, malocclusion (crooked or crowded teeth) is an inherited condition. In other cases, it’s an accidental byproduct of losing primary teeth early or chronic thumb-sucking before you or your child knew better.

So if the technology for braces and Invisalign have made it painless, quick and without needing extended time off of work or school...and the team of orthodontists on your side are the most qualified and well-regarded in the nation…

...why wouldn’t you want to correct something that you didn’t choose to have happen to you?
  • “No one in my family has ever had braces before, and I’m nervous about the procedure, the consultation, all of it.”

    We completely understand, and take this concern very seriously.

    As soon as you sign up for your Perfect Smile Consultation, we partner you with a Certified Treatment Coordinator to get all of your questions and concerns out in the open, and thoroughly answered.

    On the day of your consultation you will be provided with detailed, transparent answers to every question you have.
  • “Will the X-Rays be invasive, or hurt at all?”

    Your x-rays will only take a few seconds once you are in place. The standing patient will place their chin on the comfortable rest. Then the x-ray tube will rotate in a semicircle around the patient's head, starting at one side of the jaw and ending at the other side.

    No uncomfortable bite-down films will be placed inside the mouth. Instead, a panoramic x-ray machine projects a beam through the patient onto film or a detector rotating opposite the x-ray tube.The amount of radiation used is only a little more than the radiation you receive just walking around outside in the sun during a normal day.

    Nothing is felt by the patient and they are perfectly safe.
  • “I’m not sure my child is ready for braces yet. Should I even go through with the consultation until my child and I are 100% sure we’re ready?

    It’s generally recommended that your child get a full teeth consultation by their 7th birthday. Remember, this does not mean your child needs (or should have) braces by this age, only that he or she should be evaluated to make sure the teeth, jaw and bite are all developing correctly.

    As the parent, only you know your child’s tolerance for new experiences, but the longer you wait, the harder (and more painful) it is to correct poor teeth development.
  • “Braces are usually pretty embarrassing and uncomfortable to live with, right? Will myself or my child have the same quality of life once braces are on?

    No longer do we live in the times where huge metal contraptions take up you or your child’s face. With the advanced technology and growing necessity for braces in everyday life, braces are now less obvious and more stylish than ever before.

    Braces no longer have the same stigma they did in past generations, plus your child will find most of their friends using braces too. While some braces make hard and sticky foods off-limits for a little while, most braces we install will only cause a few days of minor mouth soreness.

    From there, you won’t even notice they’re on. Plus, misaligned teeth, overbites and more tend to cause more ridicule and shaming from young children (and secretly from adults) than braces. In the end, it’s always worse to forgo a solution to a problem that won’t go away on its own.

Two Things We Promise You

If You Are Committed And Driven To Making This Positive Change In You Or Your Child’s Life (and we know that’s the case if you’re still reading):

We Will Do Everything We Can To Make Braces or Invisalign Affordable For You

We don’t offer the cheapest Braces or Invisalign treatment in the country, the state or even the Sacramento area; but we’re committed to a level of excellence (backed by our 5-Star rating) you won’t find anywhere else.

Our payment plans are completely customizable to your situation, we work with all insurance plans, and we promise to provide you an essential service that won’t have to cost you your summer vacation or another major life expense.

We Will Give a Satisfaction Guarantee

At DeLurgio and Blom Orthodontics, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are unhappy with your results, tell us before your braces come off! If we can't make you totally and completely 100% satisfied, you will receive a full refund.

Our team of teeth specialists are so confident that we'll do it right the first time, that we have no problem making this promise. This is a guarantee you won’t find from those “cheaper” offers...though cheaper in the short term only makes for more expensive in the long run if anything goes wrong. And it is your teeth - one of the most used and valuable parts of your body - that we’re talking about.
Thank you for your caring heart and your patience. More families with special needs children should know about your office.
- tracigil70
Our daughter's teeth look beautiful! Our daughter's experience was very positive and absent of complaints. You partnered with her to stay on schedule and to complete here two-phase care ahead of schedule. As a dental specialist family ourselves, you were chosen for our daughter because of your proven years of experience in all aspects of orthodontic care. You delivered exactly what we expected and more.
– Kerri O.
This place is fantastic! Not only is the skill level exemplary but the personalities of the entire staff is wonderful, warm, friendly and fun. I looked forward to every visit. You even closed the gaps that my dentist said could only be corrected with veneers. I can’t wait to show her your artistry next week!
– Neal H.
The changes that I feel after my braces came off are lifechanging. I am no longer embarrassed to talk to a group of people and laugh with my mouth open. I love my smile. In 34 years I've never loved my smile until after my ortho care. Dr. DeLurgio was fantastic through the process as well, walking me through step by step with care.
– Pam B.

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